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Evoke a sense of beauty and elegance in your wedding decor with our Soft Touch Faux Lillie featuring a stunning arrangement of preserved roses, lillies, eucalyptus, and gysophilia. These delicate and lifelike flowers offer a soft, romantic touch to any wedding venue, creating an atmosphere of love and purity. The preserved nature of these flowers ensures that they will maintain their beauty throughout your special day and beyond, making them a wonderful keepsake for years to come. The combination of roses, lillies, eucalyptus and gysophilia evokes feelings of love, purity, and grace, adding a touch of natural beauty to your wedding celebrations


Faux Lillie & Rose - Dried & Preserved Flowers

Sales Tax Included
  • Our flowers are created with a combination of dried and preserved stems. Some of our stems have natural dyes on them. For this reason, the bridal party will need to be mindful of wet weather conditions. Please keep the flowers dry at all times to avoid color running. 

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