Pretty pink floral arrangement that will last the test of time, its perfect for the bedroom or dressing table. 


Due to our flowers being seasonal, our arrangements are ever changing, we promise to keep the arrangement as close to the images as possible but from time to time we may need to replace a few of the stems below with another alternative.
The main features of this bunch are: Reed Grass, Dried Natural Broom Bloom, Preserved Pink Broom Bloom,  Preserved Pink Roses, Preserved Pink Roses, Dried Nigella Oriental, Preserved Pink Gypsohila, Pink Spea, Natural Babla and Dried Broom Grass. 

The bouquet comes wrapped in hessian and kraft paper and tied with a hessian bow. 


Please bear in mind that we are using all-natural products, which means that our bouquets can vary slightly in exact colour and shape and size.

Preserved Pink Bouquet

  • Please view our care guide for the best advice on how to care for your flowers and keep them looking fresh! Care Guide