Are you looking to cleanse a new home, workplace or yourself?

This smudging kit is perfect for making room for positive futures. 

This age old tradition is practised by use herbs such as sage and palo santo to clear negative energy from your enviroment and personal aura.

The kit comes with instructions on how to smudge your home and self. 

It makes the perfect gift after a break up, to congratulate someone on a new home or job or for some self care. 

There is never really a bad time to smudge, so even if you dont need to mark an occasion, everyday is a good day to cleanse your home and aura. 

You can also use our kit to cleanse your crystals. 


Please note that our flower arrangements will be ever changing and not always resemble the pic. If you have a colour in mind, we can incorporate this for you, please drop us a message after you have placed your order. 


Please bear in mind that we are using all-natural products, which means that our bouquets can vary slightly in exact colour and shape and size.

Cleanse Heal & Restore