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These quotes have come directly from our customers emails and direct messages and so we find this to be our most authentic feedback.

It also shows what wonderfully kind customers we have the pleasure to work with.

Wedding Bouquet "Sweethearts"
"thank you so much. I just came home! The bouquet is absolutely stunning thank you again so much xxxxx"
"Honestly I’m so glad I stumbled across your page! The most beautiful flowers ever"
"Received so many compliments about the bouquet!!!thank you again xxxx"


Lavender Bouquet

"I absolutely love my flowers!! Thank you SO much. My next struggle is to find the right vase to show them off haha x"

Pink Rose Garden

"I just wanted to say my friend received the flowers today and absolutely loved them, she thought they were stunning  thank you so much for the fast replies and updates too! x "

Mother Nature Bouquet

"She LOVES them thank you!"


Grace Bouquet

& Bespoke Shell Vase Bouquet

"Flowers came. They are gorgeous! Thank you"

"Hello! I hope you’re well. I just wanted to message and let you know that I have received my flowers today ‘Electric Dream’. They’re are so beautiful! Thank you so much.
I hope your business continues to thrive!"

Bespoke Bouquet

 "My friend just received the flowers and she loves them!! she showed me and they look beautiful. thank you for such an easy and reliable service will defo order from here again"

“She received her flowers and they are stunning”

Bespoke Bouquet and Box

"Hey!!! I got them thank you so so much... they look sooo beautiful! In love️"

"You made this bunch so perfect! After so many different ideas we got there in the end. I am so grateful that I was able to get such a beautiful bouquet and at such an affordable price too.
I am now displaying these in my bedroom
Will share a video with you!
Thank you so much!"


Wedding Flowers

"I can tell you put a lot of love and effort into the flowers you create and it shows in the product"

Wedding Flowers
"I’ve been holding my temptation of posting the pics until after the wedding as I don’t want anyone to see before the big day but after the wedding I shall be posting lots and lots of pics of my bouquet can’t wait cos honestly I absolutely love them...!!!!
I shall defo be promoting your flowers lots and lots on my page!
The day was absolutely perfect to go with my perfect bouquet. Honestly thank you sooooooo much" 

Galentines Set - Pizza my Heart and bespoke bouquet