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Care Instructions

  • Do not water your flowers 

  • Display dried flowers indoors, where they are protected from the elements. Keep them out of direct sunlight and areas of bright light, as this will cause the colours to fade and can make the flowers brittle.

  • Avoid keeping dried flowers in rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom. Exposure to moisture can cause some flowers preserved in a glycerine solution to "weep" from the stems or pores and drip onto nearby surfaces. 

  • Avoid windy spaces, as it can cause some of the more delicate flowers to fall off. 

 Cleaning options

  • Clean dried arrangements using a hair dryer set on low speed. Use the "no heat" setting to avoid damage to the flowers.

  • Dust dried flowers with an old-fashioned feather duster. This method works best on the sturdier arrangements.


  • You may need to snip down the stems to suit your vase. When doing this, snip small pieces at a time and keep putting back into the vase to check that you have the right height.

  • If you vase is longer than the bouquet, you can put things at the bottom to add height, try stones or sticks. 

  • If you want to loosen your bouquet to keep the appearance more natural, untie the string and it will usually grow a little in size. 

  • If you become tired of your arrangement, you can always freshen it up by rearranging! You can also split the stems up into various other vases around the house.

Arrangement Tutorial