"Individually, we are one drop.

together, we are an ocean."

-Ryundsuke Satoro

our mission

The goal of The Botanical Bunch is to create a transparent and circular business where we give back from what we take. So to start this process, we donate a portion of our profits to planting trees in the UK. We donate on a quarterly basis to The Woodlands Trust where roughly £1 equals 1 tree planted. 

When it comes to our packaging, every item used has been researched and considered carefully. 

Almost all of our suppliers package our goods in tissue paper over plastic, we then reuse that tissue paper to support our flower hat boxes in their postal boxes, causing less waste. 

We use Kraft Paper or hessian to wrap our bouquets.

Did you know that hessian is made of vegetable fibres and so its 100% biodegradable.

Our postal boxes are made using 100% recycled cardboard and our bubble wrap is also made from a recyclable paper.  

We know that there are always things that we can adapt and change along the way and by no means are we perfect. 

But we promise to always be working on it.  

Consciously Crafted For People Who Care.


We work with growers in the Netherlands and on occasion we do source from from other locations.  We hope that in the future we would love to be able to source more of our flowers from growers within the UK and will keep our eyes peeled to make this transition if and where we can. 

How do our bunches last so long?

Our dried flowers are hung for several weeks in a well ventilated space so that the moisture leaves and the flower/grass or foliage turns brittle. They than no longer rely on water to survive and will keep well in a shady space with no moisture or wind.

Our preserved flowers undergo a special treatment where the sap is replaced with 100% plant based glycerine and natural dyes. This keeps the flowers looking and feeling natural for many months/years. The dyes can sometimes rub off so please read our care instructions to keep your bunch looking good for as long as possible. 

Our care guide can be found here.