"Individually, we are one drop.

together, we are an ocean."

-Ryundsuke Satoro


About Us

Hi, my name is Jade and here is a little more info as to why I birthed The Botanical Bunch!

We all know that we live in a world desperate for change.

Our goal is to make a change that puts a smile on someones face and gives back to the planet too.

Flower gifting has been a traditional way of sending love for as long as we have known.

Unfortunately the life span of a fresh flower bouquet is just 7-12 days.

This makes them an expensive and short lived gift, that usually comes wrapped in plastic!

In 2020, we are all looking to adapt by finding new ways of being sustainable. 

I have created The Botanical Bunch, so that we can make flowers, cost effective and eco-friendly too. 

Our bouquets are handcrafted with dried grass and preserved flowers that look perfect in your home or work place for up to a year. 

We use natural, biodegradable and compostable materials. Kraft paper, Kraft tape, hessian, recycled silk, recycled boxes and a wooden stamp.


We all need to work together to be more conscious of our environment and we don't just mean the planet. 

The environment in which you surround yourself in has serious health and well being benefits too!

Nature in the home is known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, so we want to keep this tradition alive but with a twist to protect our future. 

We donate 10% of our profit to The Woodlands Trust to help plant more trees in the UK. 

To find out more about this and how nature impacts our wellbeing head over to our blog. 

Consciously Crafted For People Who Care.


We work with growers in the Netherlands. We hope that in the near future we would love to be able to source all of our flowers directly from growers in the UK.

How do our bunches last so long?

Our dried flowers are hung for several weeks in a well ventilated space so that the moisture leaves and the flower/grass or foliage turns brittle. They than no longer rely on water to survive and will keep well in a shady space with no moisture or wind.

Our preserved flowers undergo a special treatment where the sap is replaced with 100% plant based glycerine and natural dyes. This keeps the flowers looking and feeling natural for many months/years. The dyes can sometimes rub off so please read our care instructions to keep your bunch looking good for as long as possible. 

Our care guide can be found here. 


Based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom