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Made to last

We are a unique florist that specializes in creating bespoke arrangements with dried and preserved flowers. Our arrangements are designed to last, ensuring that your flowers will be treasured for years to come.

We work with fresh flowers too but encourage our clients to opt for a more sustainable long-term style, when possible.


Drying Prrocess

Our dried flowers are hung for several weeks in a well-ventilated space so that the moisture leaves and the flower/grass or foliage turns brittle. They then no longer rely on water to survive and will keep well in a shady space with no moisture or wind.

Preservation Process

Our preserved flowers undergo a special treatment where the sap is replaced with 100% plant-based glycerine and natural dyes. This keeps the flowers looking and feeling natural for many months/years. The dyes can sometimes rub off so please read our care instructions to keep your bunch looking good for as long as possible.

After Care

Do not water your flowers

Avoid humid spaces

Do not display outside or in direct sunlight as the colours will fade over time

Handle the flowers gently as they are delicate​

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